Update to Sugars

Hi Everyone, 

Thanks for your support on the launch of this new website Food Facts for Healthy Eating. The feedback so far has been fantastic. Thanks to all of you who have written to let me know your thoughts. If there are any topics or ingredients you would like me to cover, I’d love to hear from you. Just fill out the contact form on the Home or Contact pages and I’ll get right onto it.

I’ve just posted a new section on the Sugars page which covers using Fruits and their forms as a source of sugar, some information on other natural sweeteners including Stevia and Inulin, details on the different types of Polyols or sugar alcohols commonly found in foods and a list of some of the Artificial high intensity sweeteners used in everyday products. I hope you find this information useful.  In the next update we will be talking about dried Dairy ingredients and powders. Till then….



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