New Post – Poultry & Meat Ingredients

Hi All,

Today’s post is onto the Red Meat, Poultry and Smallgoods page where we talk about Poultry products and Meat Ingredients. This section gives you more details on the types of food ingredients used in meat, poultry and seafood and why they are included in these high risk products. If you have any questions, or would like more information on any of the topics covered in the site so far, please send me an email.

I’m almost through the Food Science section of this website, we only have a few more topics to go and I’m really looking forward to getting into the details around healthy eating, low carbohydrate diets and the benefits they can provide including weight loss. I also want to cover a whole range of topics that relate to this including how to pick the right time to start a diet, how to manage change and how to stay focussed on your goals when you also have family, a job and other priories that demand your attention.

I’d like to thank all the visitors to my site in the past 2 weeks since the site has launched. In just over 2 weeks the site has had views from Australia, the Philippines, Germany, the UK, USA and Canada. It just goes to show we really are a global village. 

Keep in touch, there is plenty more information to come and Thankyou for you’re support.




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