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In the media of late there has been a number of articles published that I just have to share with you. There is so much information hitting the media on healthy eating, low carbohydrate diets, Ketosis, no sugar, low sugar, reduced sugar and new food products that I want to keep you up to date. To do this I’m going to start to post links to the latest information and articles that I think may be of interest to expand your knowledge.

It doesn’t matter what country you live in, the articles related to studies on health apply to us all. The information you learn about healthy eating provides knowledge and motivation to improve your own health, but will also provide knowledge to teach your children and help gift them with lifelong health and education on the correct food choices. The choices we make as parents for our own health influences our children and how they teach their children.

Here are a list of articles definately worth the read. I’ll be building this list over the coming months. I encourage you to look further into topics that you find most interesting or in my case disturbing as some of the articles listed below will challenge your thinking as the new research often conflicts with what we have been told growing up.



Today’s sites are a bit of a mixed bag. The first article talks about the impact of a low fat diet on your health.

And some excitment for the local market here in Australia, Crust has just launched a new low-carb pizza base made from cauliflower and linseed. I’ll be sure to check this one out and let you know how it rates.

I’ll let you make up your own mind on this one. I may be showing my age here but we used to flavour lollies and confectionary in fruit flavours. Now we are doing the opposite, flavouring fruit with confectionary flavours. No wonder our kids are getting all mixed up.

Finally, two brothers in the UK have come up with a clear coffee beverage made from Arabica coffee beans and water. Caffeine hit without the yellow teeth? Keep an eye out as this new product comes your way.




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