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In the media of late there has been a number of articles published that I just have to share with you. There is so much information hitting the media on healthy eating, low carbohydrate diets, Ketosis, no sugar, low sugar, reduced sugar and new food products that I want to keep you up to date. To do this I’m going to start to post links to the latest information and articles that I think may be of interest to expand your knowledge.

It doesn’t matter what country you live in, the articles related to studies on health apply to us all. The information you learn about healthy eating provides knowledge and motivation to improve your own health, but will also provide knowledge to teach your children and help gift them with lifelong health and education on the correct food choices. The choices we make as parents for our own health influences our children and how they teach their children.

Here are a list of articles definately worth the read. I’ll be building this list over the coming months. I encourage you to look further into topics that you find most interesting or in my case disturbing as some of the articles listed below will challenge your thinking as the new research often conflicts with what we have been told about food and nutrition to date.


As explained on my Home page, I began this website to share the success I’ve had with a low carbohydrate lifestyle and removing sugar from my diet. The more I learn about LCHF eating, the more topics and issues surface that are linked to not only my personal journey, but to the current obesity epidemic we are facing here in Australia as well. I really feel that increasing our education, knowledge and understanding of nutrition, food science and the bigger picture is essential not just for ourselves, but for our children, our families and those we love.  

Today we have three videos, which may take a little time for you to view, but they offer so much additional knowledge about the bigger picture behind the obesity epidemic we are currently facing in countries across the world. These videos are sourced from Australia, the UK and a speaker from the USA presenting in Australia. They all discuss common issues that countries with skyrocketing obesity epidemics are facing with changing government policy, changing our approach to nutrition and the reduction or removal of sugar in our diets. You will learn more about the struggle of those who are fighting to get more information out to the population around low carbohydrate high fat diets and its potential positive impact on the future health of our children, families and friends. I highly recommend that you take the time to listen to these articles. Please let me know what your thoughts are after viewing them. 


1st Video – Australia 4 Corners

I have just watched this article recently shown in April 2018 on 4 corners here in Australia and I am feeling really unsettled, sad, frustrated, disapointed and angry. This article is absolutely a must see no matter what country you live in as it covers a multitude of issues around the current obesity epidemic in Australia. 63% of Australian adults are overweight or obese and 27% of our children are above a healthy weight, the numbers are staggering. It is well worth the time to watch the full article. It looks at the politics behind the Australian governments approach to our obesity epidemic, how lobbying influences government decisions and provides details the recent rejection of the sugar tax here in Australia.


2nd Video – UK Impact of Sugar

This second article is great. It talks about the UK’s approach to their obesity epidemic and sugar consumption. There are lots of topics raised in this video that need to be considered. Again, leave your comments below. 


3rd Video – Nina Teichloz speaks about Real Food Politics in the USA. 

For those of you in the USA, this video is a from a recent conference held in 2017 in Australia by Low Carb Down Under. Nina Teichloz presents a fascinating look at the politics behind food policy in the USA and the video has content that applies to all countries when it comes to the support of Low Carbohydrate diets, it’s positive impact on health and some of the challenges LCHF faces in being accepted by a wider public audience.


I truly hope that you have gained knowledge and insight by watching these. Enjoy!!!



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