Brownie Cheesecake from All Day I Dream About Food

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I wanted to share with you a photo of my morning tea today!! I love Cheesecake and it’s my standby treat. There are so many recipes out there for low carbohydrate cheesecakes but this one is a standout. Baked Brownie Cheesecake from All Day I Dream About Food is delicious!!! The recipe was really easy to make and the results so fantastic. I highly recommend making this one when you have others to share it with.

If you don’t have others to share this with you can pop some slices in the freezer as they freeze very well. As it’s a baked cheesecake I found that the results when the slices defrosted were much better than slices of unbaked cheesecake containing gelatine which can get a little chalky if kept in the freezer for too long. The brownie base is delicious, you could make it as a separate biscuit slice without the topping.

All Day I Dream About Food is a fantastic website with loads of really delicious recipes. Take some time to have a good look. Enjoy!!!!


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2 thoughts on “Brownie Cheesecake from All Day I Dream About Food”

  1. WOW! Thank you Kerrie, I will definitely be trying this one, I LOVE Cheesecake and always looking for low sugar/low fat recipes! xo

    1. Hi Wendy, Fantastic. The only changes I made to the recipe was to use Natvia instead of the Swerve which is not available here in Australia. I used 1\4 cup in the base and another 1/4 cup in the filling. Everything else was the same. Let me know how it goes for you!! Kerrie

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