Sweeteners & Sweet Treats for Ketosis

Sweets Comp RS CC

Today’s new page under the Food Facts for Ketosis page is called Sweeteners & Sweet Treats for Ketosis where we talk about the function of sweeteners, and detail some of the Artificial and Natural sweeteners used in low carbohydrate and carbohydrate modified products

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2 thoughts on “Sweeteners & Sweet Treats for Ketosis”

  1. My gosh, this was very informative! I had to share this with a few people the content was so very valuable! Thank you so much for always working hard to present such valuable content!

    1. Hi Alexx, Thankyou. Please share with everyone. One of the reasons I started this site was to educate consumers about the ingredients used in their processed foods, why they are in there and the functions they perform. Consumers often have no idea what is in the food and beverages they eat and drink everyday. As the saying goes, Knowledge is Power, and with knowledge consumers can then make educated choices as to what ingredients they wish to put into their bodies and what they want to feed to their family and friends. I’m really glad that you are finding this information useful. There are loads more details on general ingredients in the Everyday Food Science Facts section. This is for people who are not necessarily going low carb but who want to know more about the ingredients in the food and beverages they are consuming. Thankyou for your support!!! Kerrie

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