Product Reviews – Sweet Treats from Optimum Nutrition

Today’s update to the Product Reviews – Sweeteners & Sweet Treats page is a range of products from Optimum Nutrition. If you don’t mind consuming processed products, these are a great range of products with low carbohydrate and generous servings sizes. Manufactured in Australia they use a blend of artificial and natural sweeteners with a wide range of flavour profiles available. The texture is soft and chewy and the packs of 2 or 3 pieces allow you to have just one and put the rest of the pack away till next time. Enjoy!!!

Optimum Nutrition

Protein Cake Bites and Protein Stix come in packs of 2 stix or 3 bites. Made in Australia the flavours are very good with my favourite being the Vanilla Cake Bites and the Caramel Stix. They use a combination of natural and artificial sweeteners. The Carbohydrate levels do move a little but you can quite easily eat just one for a small treat. The range can be found at Coles stores, supplement and nutrition stores around Australia.  



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