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In the media of late there has been a number of articles published that I just have to share with you. There is so much information hitting the media on healthy eating, low carbohydrate diets, Ketosis, no sugar, low sugar, reduced sugar and new food products that I want to keep you up to date. To do this I’m going to start to post links to the latest information and articles that I think may be of interest to expand your knowledge.

It doesn’t matter what country you live in, the articles related to studies on health apply to us all. The information you learn about healthy eating provides knowledge and motivation to improve your own health, but will also provide knowledge to teach your children and help gift them with lifelong health and education on the correct food choices. The choices we make as parents for our own health influences our children and how they teach their children.

Here are a list of articles definately worth the read. I’ll be building this list over the coming months. I encourage you to look further into topics that you find most interesting or in my case disturbing as some of the articles listed below will challenge your thinking as the new research often conflicts with what we have been told about food and nutrition to date.


We’ll, today we are going to talk about the big story this week that came out in the media and have a look at the reaction from experts in the field. Firstly, the article that has caused such a rucus this week –

I’ve taken the following statement from the Article which I find most interesting from Catherine Collins, an NHS dietitian – The “cult of low carb high fat eating” was based on a lifestyle choice and the flimsiest of evidence, she said. Its devotees were “at odds with advice from WHO and government health bodies globally – including the UK’s Public Health England – that recommend a carb intake to provide around half our daily calorie needs”.

She added that it the findings raise questions about the current hyping of low-carb diets for people with diabetes. “The feting and promotion of GPs promoting often bizarre low carb diets to manage diabetes has gained much media traction,” she said. “If nothing else, this study provides some redress to this one-sided debate, and adds caution to such practice for long term management.”

Diet Doctor explains the article very well and includes a response from cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra from the UK on this article which is well worth the viewing, please see the link below.

Another article from Dr Aseem worth the read is –

Interestingly, from the article on low and high carb diets, the following statement seems to be at odds with the increasing amount of data and research into the positive impact of a low carb diet on Diabetes, including Diabetes Australia releasing a position statement this week (below) on the use of low carbohydrate eating for people with Diabetes. 

Position Statement

Interesting isn’t it!!!! The conflicting information that we are told by media and the medical profession on what is best for our health. It’s really worth doing your own research and gaining your own knowledge into healthy eating and what works for your body and your health goals. Keep reading some of the books here, join low carb facebook groups for support and find out what works for others.

I hope these articles increase your knowledge!!!!


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