Product Review – Sugar Free-Zies Ice Blocks

Sugar Freeze-ies RS CC

These new Sugar Free-zies Icy Stix are Australian Made and very good. They come in five flavours and are a fantastic treat for use on a low carb diet, at the end of a hot summers

Sugar Freeze-ies Back RS CC

day. With no carbohydrates, they use Erythritol, Malitol and Stevia for sweetness and natural colours and flavours. They are very sweet so if your wanting to avoid feeding your sweet tooth be warned. I find them great to have on hand if you have little ones who love Zooper Doopers so you can enjoy a treat with them after school. These are readily available at Woolworths and I’ve added them to the top of my Sweeteners and Sweet Treats page here. 



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    1. Hi. These are quite new on the market here. There is a big push here in Australia for sugar reduction or replacement in all types of food products. It’s a really exciting time to be a Food Technologist as this is one trend I can really get behind. Your ice cream sounds delicious!!! Feel free to share the recipe 🙂

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