Pantry Prepping

I must make a confession. Up until about a week ago I’ve been off low carb. It started with my daughters birthday party and then ran into the school holidays. I usually let myself have a few weeks off over the holiday period as it can make life easier eating out with friends, family and the kids, grabbing a coffee or a bit to eat on the way into work. But to be honest, I’d had enough of feeling sick and uncomfortable all the time so I’m getting myself organised to get back into the low carb lifestyle. As a part of this, I realised how frustrated I was getting with my messy pantry and cupboards and I began to think outside the square on how I could deal with the clutter and the mess. I spent a bit of time looking through Pinterest to find inspiration and after a quick visit to my local Kmart here in Australia I brought home containers, baskets and labels to re-arrange my mess. I can honestly say that there is nothing more cleansing and liberating to go through your stuff and have a big Spring Clean.

I ended up throwing away more than I had expected. My pantry was hiding old spices that had lost their flavour, bottles of salted seasonings that had hardened over time and cinnamon quills well past their Best Before Date. I had old packets of salsa from Taco kits from days past that were years over their expiry, old pizza flour kits, nuts and seeds that had oxidised that needed to be thrown out. I went through all my spices and put them into clean containers and labelled them so I could find them quickly. Now I can re-stock with fresh herbs & spices. My pantry is organised so all my low carb ingredients are at reach and I know exactly what I have on hand so I can do my meal prep and planning with ease, such a great feeling.

After I tackled my pantry, I dealt with the bomb site that was my plastics draw. It’s incredible how much plastic rubbish you have on hand without realising it. Lids that don’t have bottoms, bottoms with no lids, lids that don’t fit anymore, containers with splits and cracks and old plastic cups the kids have brought home from the movies and will never use again, drink bottles with lids that don’t close, all these can be thrown into recycling where appropriate. Once these were all removed I had so much room to rearrange my draw so that everything is easily accessible now. 

The next step will be my linen cupboards and bathroom cupboards to complete my Spring Clean. If you feel the need to de-clutter take this opportunity, you won’t regret it!!!


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