Product Review – Lemnos Fetta Cheese Twin Pack

Lemnos Fetta Cheese RS CCThis Lemnos Twin Pack of Fetta Cheese is fantastic for those who can’t eat a full pack in a few days or when you just need a small amount to sprinkle over a salad. The cheese comes ins 2 x 100g packs at 2.9g /100g of Total Carbohydrate and is available at Woolworths.

This cheese is crumbly, tangy and delicious and is perfect to use in hot and cold dishes!!! The cheese is nice and firm and can be crumbled or cut into squares quite easily. I have used this cheese to crumble over this Tomato Dukkah Salad. I’ve also wrapped minced meat around small cubes of this cheese to make a middle Eastern Meatball dish. Once the cheese warms during cooking it is delicious.

Fore more details on Dairy in Ketosis, see my Dairy in Ketosis Page and the Product Review – Dairy page. So Good!!!


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