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Hi Everyone, I’m starting off the new year with a Bang and a new book review on my Knowledge is Power – Must Read Books page.

I am a big fan of Pete Evans and I have a number of his cook books. For those of you not in Australia, Pete Evans is an Australian Chef, T.V. personality and advocate for healthy eating. Pete was instrumental in the emergence of the Paleo lifestyle here in Australia and has provided us with a number of excellent cook books based on Paleo living and the benefits of gut health. Most recently Pete has been promoting the benefits of low carbohydrate/keto diets with this new book Eat Your Greens as well as a new book Easy Keto due for release on the 29th of Jan 2019. 

Pete’s new release, Eat Your Greens is a fantastic book and I recommend it to everyone. As consumers, we are finally starting to see how what we eat impacts our health, both in the short and long term, following the truth that Food is Nutrition, not just Fuel. To improve our health we need to remove processed foods and get back to basics and Eat Your Greens is the perfect book to help you start your new adventure enjoying the range of delicious vegetables we have available to us. Packed full of information, Eat Your Greens covers the nutrients found in vegetables, how they benefit the body and also talks about food wastage and how our food is grown. The recipes are modern, beautifully photographed and inspiring. Not all the recipes are Low Carb but they can be adapted. I highly recommend this book to everyone. You can grab a copy at retailers including Big W, Target, Kmart here in Australia, on Apple Books & Amazon, most on line book stores and at your local library. 



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