Low Carb Tortilla’s

I tried this recipe for Low Carb Tortilla's from the Sweet as Honey site and the results were fantastic. I love crunchy textures, and these Low Carb Tortilla's were delicious and perfect for dunking into my favourite dip. Highly recommend you try this recipe!!  https://www.sweetashoney.co/low-carb-tortillas-chips-vegan-gluten-free/ Copyright 2019 Food Facts for Healthy Eating  

Safe Food Handling

Hi Everyone, Something happened this week in Brussel's that concerned me greatly. A young man of 20 lost his life after eating pasta & sauce that he had kept on the bench for 5 days before consuming. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/student-dies-after-eating-five-day-old-pasta-that-had-been-left-out/news-story/7ff43203f285cd23217f54c5a103f4fd As a mother I implore you to teach your children about safe food handling. Please take a… Continue reading Safe Food Handling