Beef and Veal Recipes

Humans have been eating Beef for centuries as it’s a great source of protein and iron plus a range of other essential nutrients. Beef is so versatile and you can choose from steaks, dice, strips, mince, primal cuts for roasting, there is a huge range of cuts to choose from. There are two red meat options from cattle. Veal (from young calves) or Beef (from older animals).


Beef cattle are usually slaughtered at a range of ages depending on the use of the meat, but 12-18 months is fairly typical. The age, breed and diet of the cattle will have a big impact on the flavour, colour, fat marbling, appearance and overall quality of the meat. The type of feed the cattle may consume can include grass or grain. The Australian Meat and Livestock page has some fantastic information on the difference between both types of feed. It’s well worth the look at –

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In Australia Veal is produced from dairy calves weighing less than 70kg or beef calves weighing less than 150kg. They can be male or female but are often the male calves from dairy breeds who cannot be used for milking and who aren’t being used for breeding. Veal is commonly used in Mediterranean cooking and can be substituted for standard beef mince.

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In this section I’ll be sharing a range of low carb beef/veal recipes that I use as staples in my low carbohydrate diet. Just a note I do use a lot of beef mince in my household as its cheap, quick to cook, easy to use and can be flavoured and reshaped into almost anything.  

I hope you enjoy!