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Welcome to the first page on the Healthy Eating section in my Food Facts for Healthy Tomato Dukkah Salad RS CCEating website. We have covered the basic Everyday Food Science Facts of a range of food and beverage ingredients and now we are ready to talk about the Healthy Eating portion of the website. Here we will be focusing on Healthy Eating including details on my favourite cook books, information on low carbohydrate diets, and a number of other health related topics that are all related to weight loss and healthy eating. This blog/website provides information for people who want to know more about the foods they eat and those who want to expand their recipe repertoire. The recipes are based on using real, fresh ingredients, but sometimes do contain some convenience ingredients found here in Australia that can help make life and healthy cooking a little easier.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a food scientist not a nutritionist or a psychologist. You may agree with my thoughts or you may disagree and that’s fine, but I must insist that before you implement any change in your diet, please go and see your local GP to have a full check up, take your blood pressure, and perform a blood test. It’s good to have a staring point and will also reassure you that your body, whilst losing the extra weight is also resolving some of the other medical issues you may be having. If you feel you need extra support or someone to talk to about issues including self-esteem and any underlying reasons behind your current health, there are plenty of counselling services available. Sometimes just having someone to talk to outside of your regular network can really help. Please speak to your GP as they will be able to help.

After spending over half of my life trying to lose weight, I’ve realised that weight loss and health needs to be approached from a big picture point of view and I feel that a lot ofPork & Paprika Stew people, such as myself spend years trying to lose weight and become healthier, but only address one or two of the issues behind why you needed to become more healthier in the first place. We tend not to think about how issues around mental health, physical health, family and food habits, food wastage, guilt, time management, self-esteem, and self-worth impact not only our ability to lose weight but our commitment to keeping it off. Without a doubt the most important of these is self-esteem and self-worth. These are the lifelines you can cling to when the going gets tough. 

The majority of my recipes on my site are designed as low carb recipes but they can either be combined with carbohydrates (pasta, rice, potato, couscous, bread etc) or served without carbohydrates. This ensures that each person in my family receives the right amount of energy and nutrients they need depending on their age and development. 

I hope you enjoy the information. Please leave any comments and let me know if there is anything other topics you would like to discuss.

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